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Allow "rewind to previous word" while doing the test

It would be great to allow a rewind while doing the test, especially to access the conj.-table in case of an incorrect answer. While the correct form is displayed after an incorrect answer, I find it even more helpful to have the full reference for the selected tense.

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  • AdminGianni Ferullo (Admin, Conjugation Nation) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    What about if instead of a rewind, you can tap the screen to freeze it on the current question after you've answered.

    1) incorrect answer
    2) tap screen
    3) quiz is stopped
    4) you can swipe up to reveal the table
    5) click done to return to the frozen quiz
    6) swipe to the left to advance to the next question

    This would be a lot easier than having a rewind, and I think you'll get all the benefits.

    I'm the developer, btw.

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